Okay first off, I do recognize that Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. After some consideration, I decided to break up the four major countries of the UK and read a book about each. I just didn’t think one book about four different places would suffice. Thus, we begin with Scotland.


44 Scotland Street follows the residents of a flat building in Edinburgh. The book’s synopsis describes the characters as “colorful,” which i generally agree with. It’s a mixed bag of people that the book follows, all of them very real, even for a reader in the US.


With that being said, I hated most of the characters. It’s not that the story is badly written, it’s just most of the characters are a little uppity for my liking. Especially, Bruce, the narcissistic male who’s ego is irritating. He is the epitome of everything you could hate about a man.


In terms of the book’s events, it’s more of a snippet into their lives rather than a storyline. If I was a kid in school and my teacher asked me to identify the plot, I’m not sure what I would say.


However, 44 Scotland Street was an easy read. Interestingly enough, the book was published as a serial in a Scottish newspaper. This means that everyday a new chapter was published. (Usually, a page or two in length.) I think if I was a Scot reading this, it would have been much more interesting, applicable, and enjoyable.


Would I recommend this book? No, probably not. Maybe as a random book to read. But, I don’t think it’s a must read for Scotland. In fact, I’d bet there are much better books about this country. Does this book make me want to visit? On its own, no. But, looking up pictures of Edinburgh does put it on my radar.


Thoughts? Has anyone read this book, or maybe has a better suggestion? Anyone been to Edinburgh?

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