Four Season in Rome: On Twins, Insomnia, and the Biggest Funeral in the History of the World- Anthony Doerr


Oh, the things I’d do for a cacio e pepe rice ball. Let me just preface this post with that.

The second thing I want to share: I love Italy and I miss the beautiful city of Roma. This book only made me miss it more.

Anthony Doerr’s book follows him, his wife, and his twin baby boys through a year in Rome after he received a writing scholarship. Through his book, Four Seasons in Rome, he intertwines the realities of American life and Roman life and the joys and challenges that come along with it.

And of course he talks about the stunning sites, delicious food, foreign people. One of the most interesting parts is when Doerr talks about seeing the Pope and being there as the new one was chosen. (FYI… Seeing the Pope is one of the most amazing experiences. I literally screamed when he was about six feet away.) For me, the best part of this book is how the words were so real to me. The places he describes, Piazza Navona, St. Peter’s Basilica, Trastevere, Castel Sant’angelo,Janiculum Hill the Colosseum, are so real to me. The way he describes how the smallest things are different, but are so noticeable, are the things I wrote in my travel journal. Doerr’s work transports me back to the magical five weeks I was a resident of Rome.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely! It’s quick and easy to read, and it’s interesting. And, it’s exactly the type of book I’m looking to read for this blog. It’s so real about a place, and sometimes it’s hard to pull that out of a book about an exotic and foreign place. Does this book make me want to go to Italy? I am now DYING to go back. I want to go live there for a year and experience Roman life all year round. Also, how cool is it that it goes through all four seasons? I think I want to write books about four seasons in all different places. Such a cool idea.

♦♦Culture Bit: 5 Weeks in Rome♦♦

Although I could write for days about the five weeks I left in Rome, I decided that’s probably not the best use of this blog. However, I do want to share some of my highlights and some photos I took. Enjoy! 🙂

The first meal I had in Rome was pizza and gelato.

One of the funnest nights in Rome was where my friends and I drank wine and hung out at the Pantheon.

Sunset at the Vatican is indescribable.

The Trevi Fountain was being restored while I was there, so it was covered in scaffolding. What a disappointment.

The Colosseum was so much smaller than I expected.

I celebrated my 21st Birthday in Rome AND my mom and best friend were visiting.

Many lunches consisted of a bell pepper and a mozzarella ball. The freshness was delicious and they were cheap. This is one of the things I miss most.

If you’re ever in Rome, you have to go to this family style-all you can drink wine place called Tony’s. It’s delicious and you’ll be stuffed and buzzed by the time you leave. And it’s only 20 Euro!



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